crazysinger rull

Crazy Singer is an abstract strategy game that I invented.

I want to implement its .lud rules and later create an AI.

However, I am still a beginner with Ludii, so I may have many problems.

Now, let me go over the rules of Crazy Singer.


8 x 8 squares

  • The board is referred to as the "stage".
  • The three positions in each corner are the singer's performance positions and building is prohibited.
  • There are a total of twelve performance positions in the corners. The "middle of the stage" is a 4x4 area.


The game requires two opponents, each of whom is given an equal number of chess pieces.

  • Two singers are different color.
  • Two microphones, color relate to the singer.
  • Six pillar are common pieces.


This is a singing competition, with the first round starting with player A going first, and the second round starting with player B going first.The winner is determined after two rounds (or even-numbered rounds).

Before the competition starts, both players need to agree on a target score (e.g. 5). The player to reach the target score is the winner of that round. If the first player reaches the target score, the second player is given one more turn before the end of this round.

In each round, the following steps are taken: building the stage, entering the stage, and performing. Each step is carried out by the first player of that round.

Building Pillars:

Players take turns placing pillars on the stage. Each player has three pillars. Each player must place two pillars along the edges and one in the middle of the stage. Pillars cannot be placed on the "exit corners." Pillars cannot be placed in a straight line or diagonally. Generally, pillars do not need to be rebuilt when switching to the next round. However, players can also agree to start a new game.